About Us

About Us

Rajasekaran Match Iindustries was started in the year 1986 as a Small Unit to manufacture Hand made Safety Matches. We strongly believes that, only the Quality Inputs and Quality Process can give the Quality Outputs. So from the date of its commencement the company focused on manufacturing Quality Products, by following strict Internal Quality Control Norms.

In addition to regular Safety Matches, we then geared up, with both vertical and horizontal diversification by entering into manufacturing different varieties of Colourful Colour Matches in the year 1994. Initially We manufactured Colour Matches for the period of six months only. As Our Products were very much welcomed by the customers in the market, we started to manufacture Colourful Colour Matches for the whole year.

RMI Colour Matches

As Colour Matches are manufactured for the whole year, to satisfy our Safety Matches customers, We started a new production unit under the name of The Superior Match Factory, in the year 1998. Now as demand for Safety Matches are increasing all over India and the world, we have increased the production of various types of Safety Matches .

To diversify the Colour Matches market, we have been experimenting and introducing newer products with newer functions each year. In the year 2004 We introduced the first 10 Different Functions of Colour Matches, which was a trendsetter in the market. Recently we have introduced Tingle Mingle which is one of a kind in the color matches industry with 2 functions in a single color match stick.

As we in RajaSekaran Match Industries like to say

Get the Best, Forget the Rest…